The Right Dog for You : How to choose the perfect breed for you and your family


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If you're thinking of getting a new pup, The Right Dog for You is a must-read. This easy-to-understand guide to the personalities of over 115 breeds allows you to be sure you'll choose the perfect companion. With all-round guidance on selecting a dog, this fully illustrated comprehensive breed directory - including new crossbreeds such as labradoodles - is packed full of useful information.

Arranged by size, small to large, each concise entry begins with a brief history of the breed before revealing essential details on the dog's personality, care needs, behavioural traits and things to expect as an owner. Breed specifications are also provided, alongside a handy graphic showing how much grooming, feeding and exercise your prospective pup might need. Buy this book: it will send you to the breeder or rescue centre brimming with confidence - leaving you free to lose your heart to a dog that you know will fit in with your lifestyle

Format: Paperback / softback 256 pages

Publisher: The Ivy Press

Imprint: The Ivy Press

ISBN: 9780711257504

Published: 16 Mar 2021

Dimensions:232 x 171 (mm)

Pub. Country: United Kingdom


Isbn Number 9780711257504


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