Tiny Churches

BBC Countryfile Magazine praised Dixe Wills for writing `intelligently and amusingly, with evident excitement and imagination’, qualities that he brings to Tiny Churches. Beautifully presented in full colour throughout, the book uncovers 60 of the loveliest and most diminutive places of worship in Britain, many of which are known only to locals. Each church is so tiny that fewer than 50 people could fit comfortably inside, each is open to the public and many boast fabulous wall paintings, stained glass and artworks as well as fascinating histories. Representing a unique slice of British local history and attitudes, tiny churches are the great survivors of the world. Still standing after centuries of religious unrest and the meddling of the Victorian `church improvers’, they live on in this most irreligious of centuries, scattered all over Britain. Each entry features information on how and when to visit the church, a concise round-up of its history and details of any must-see architectural features.


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Paperback: 320 pages
Publisher: AA Publishing (4 Oct. 2018)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0749579919
ISBN-13: 978-0749579913


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