How to Thrive in the Next Economy : Designing Tomorrow’s World Today

Is there no escape from an economy that devours nature in the name of endless growth? John Thackara’s answer is a rousing ‘yes, there is!’ Drawing on a lifetime of travel in search of real-world alternatives that work, he describes in this book how communities the world over are creating a replacement economy from the ground up. Each chapter is devoted to the creative ways people in diverse contexts tackle timeless needs. From Bali to Brazil, as well as Delhi, London, and California, Thackara writes of soil restorers and river keepers, seed savers and de-pavers, cloud commuters and e-bike couriers, care farmers, food system curators, Fibreshed stewards, money designers and more.

Read together, these encounters add up to a joyful new story about what an economy is actually for. In place of an obsession with stuff, money and endless growth, this book describes social practices that cherish all-of-life, not just human life.




Thackara, John
Publisher: Thames & Hudson Ltd
Imprint: Thames & Hudson Ltd
ISBN 9780500292945
Format: Paperback
Pagination:192 pages
Dimensions: 197 x 130 mm, 200 grams
Country of Pub.: United Kingdom
Pub Date: 09/02/2017


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