How to Land a Plane

Do something amazing and learn a new skill thanks to the Little Ways to Live a Big Life books! By the author of the acclaimed international bestseller Skyfaring, the Economist’s ‘Best book of the Year’ and a New York Times ‘Notable Book’, and a BBC Radio 4 Book of the WeekSo, hello! Welcome! Honestly, you look surprisingly relaxed. That’s great to see. Have a seat on the left side of the cockpit – that’s the captain’s seat.
Yes, that’s right, you’re now the captain, and yes, that’s the runway down there. Fasten your seatbelt, order yourself a cup of tea, and let’s get cracking.Mark Vanhoenacker, the airline pilot who makes poetry out of the science of flight technology, hands over the controls. Walking and talking us through the nitty-gritty of an approach and touchdown, he builds our understanding of flight from the ground up (or rather from the sky down), offering a new perspective of one of the more challenging and rewarding tasks ever.

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Format Hardback | 64 pages
Dimensions 140 x 201 x 14mm | 206g
Publication date 21 Sep 2017
Publisher Quercus Publishing
Publication City/Country London, United Kingdom
Language English
ISBN10 1786487152
ISBN13 9781786487155


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